Part types

Distribution of products by industry:

 1. Machine building

Supply of welded constructions and parts for manufacturers of packaging, tire, printing machinery, wood processing and paper production equipment. Parts are of various degrees of complexity, accuracy and size. The main materials: carbon steel and aluminum. Batch sizes: vary from 5 to 100 units. Main export markets are: Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.


 2. Automotive

Production of parts, welded constructions and assembled units for automotive bodies and the assembly and welding equipment of exhaust systems. The most common are complex components that require three-dimensional surface processing and are accurate in twenty microns. Products are usually unitary and non-repeatable. The main materials used in production: carbon steel, aluminum and plastics. Export markets are Germany and Sweden.


 3. Medical and rehabilitation

Production of complex and highly precise parts for orthoses . It is an auxiliary medical product, which improves and adjusts the knee bending function. Components of orthoses are  made of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. Parts are of small dimensions and require impeccable aesthetic appearance. Batch sizes vary from 25 to 500 units. Main export market is Germany.   


 4. Energy

 Production of parts and welded constructions for electrical transformers, electrical isolation devices, heat and waste water meters, mainly made by using structural steel and aluminum. The specific device parts are made of titanium, bronze and plastics. Batch sizes vary from 10 to 100 units. Main export markets are Sweden, Switzerland and Lithuania.


 5. Other

According to the client's documentation we produce mechanical components for manufacturers of vibration absorbing devices and electronic equipment. Our main clients are located  in Germany and Lithuania.