Continuous improvement

BCT is committed to continuous improvement. Each day we work to optimize our processes, maintain on-time delivery schedules, reduce production costs and maximize workplace safety. Lean, Six Sigma and other methodologies guides us in our continuous improvement journey.
From workers to the management, improvement initiatives are performed in all levels of organization. Sharing a common understanding we are able to reach effective and sustainable results.
All company processes are monitored by integrated KPI system. Deviations are analyzed to define a root cause. Once the problem is clearly identified appropriate changes are initiated with the main goal - to reach better results in the future.

In BCT the following work groups are focusing on:

5S – workspace safety and ergonomics;

SMED – changeover management. Crucial aspect for BCT, as we focus in small batch production;

SW – defining and standartizing best practice of everyday tasks and operations;

KAIZEN – small improvements initiated and implemented by our employees;

PDCA – initiate and control process and product improvements.