About quality

At all stages, starting with the analysis of the customer's inquiry and ending with the warranty obligations, the company is greatly focused not only on the quality of products but also of processes.
Since 2000 the BCT has the quality management system complying with ISO 9001 in place. This standard requires that all company procedures are clearly described and visualized in the company's quality manual. The company carries out periodic internal and external audits to ensure the compliance of all processes with the procedures. Improvements and processes initiated in the company are subsequently standardized by introducing changes in the descriptions of procedures, and training of related workers. The Monitor system ensures the traceability of information, allows quick identification of the root cause of non-compliance, and providing of corrective and preventive actions.
The product quality is ensured through continuous prevention of non-compliances. Compliance of components to technical documentation requirements is controlled in the following phases:
  • Incoming inspection of materials and products;
  • Dimensional inspection of raw material at the workplace by workers;
  • Selective dimensional inspection by quality engineers at the workplace;
  • Verification of the first detail in series production in the measurement laboratory;
  • Final production control in the measurement laboratory.
The current arrangements provide for the responsibility of each employee for his performance, and allow identification of discrepancies at the initial stage and their quick prevention.
To ensure the precision of measurements, we use the modern equipment from Mitutoyo, Precitool Global, Etalon, Zoller and other manufacturers. All measurement instruments are assigned unique identification numbers for verification and calibration purposes. We use the following measuring devices for extra accurate measurements:

Measuring device name

Measuring ranges, mm

Precision, mm

Measuring machine GLOBAL CLASSIC


Measuring machine ETALON Derbi 45


Tool measurement device ZOLLER Smile V300