About company

BCT is an innovative company manufacturing precision mechanical components. Our parts are used in automotive, various machine manufacture, medical rehabilitation devices and energy industries.

The majority of our products are exported to the Western Europe: Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands. Our main customers are world-renowned and recognised companies. We pay special focus on long term cooperation. We have customers that we have been collaborating with from our start – for more than 20 years.

The main machining processes of the company include milling and turning on the modern programmable (CNC) machines. For full set production, the company performs additional operations on universal machines, gas billet cutting, welding, processing of sheet metal parts, painting and assembly operations. The production has been optimised for processing of single pieces and small batches of steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic parts.  

BCT employs highly qualified professionals. Half of our specialists have higher education. The company has a training centre with an accredited training program, ensuring subsequent upgrade of qualifications of our staff. Therefore, we not only can effectively process parts but also provide product optimisation solutions.

For activity planning, implementation and control, for more than 10 years BCT is using the Swedish production management system – MONITOR. The company has implemented and continuously improves the processes of quality management ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001, health management BS OHSAS 18001. In both production and administration, we are continuously looking for new opportunities for product optimisation and process improvement, implementing methods and principles of LEAN manufacture.

This result in an effective and growing company having strong positions among the Lithuanian engineering industry leaders.